About Us

In A Nutshell

What is TutorsInc? It’s an online platform that provides you with a number of services to help you prepare for your exams if you are a student and brings resources to you if you are a teacher. We have notes, question papers, book solutions, handouts videos and solved question papers to help you prepare better for exams and to help teachers teach, evaluate and assess with ease. To top it all, we bring teachers and students together. If you are a student, you can study by yourself using our resources or book a session and study with our subject experts.

Who are we? We are teachers, here to help students learn better and assist our fellow teachers to teach with ready and customized handouts, powerpoint presentations, videos and lesson plans(upon request). Be it any curriculum that you follow, we aim to bring all resources for comprehensive learning and better teaching under one roof. Now teaching and learning will be at the click of a button and the command of your voice.

Our Services for Students

Our aim is to make learning easy for students. Therefore we have notes, book solutions, videos, worksheets, test papers, solved question papers as our services for students.

If there is anything you need on an urgent basis, feel free to Whatsapp us at +8801711541554 and we shall get back to you Immediately as you and your studies are our priority.

In case you cannot get us on whatsapp, you can mail us from our website too.

Our Services for Teachers

My dear fellow teachers,

This website is for students and teachers. Being a teacher myself, I know the amount of work that we have to do, the sleepless nights that we spend to prepare our lesson plans, the tireless hours that we spend to prepare resources, all for one thing only…to make learning easy for our students.

Well, help is at hand. We are teachers helping teachers. If there is anything you need for your class, worksheets, Handouts, Powerpoint presentations, you name it, we will prepare it for you. Only for you. That means that each and every resource is customised based on your need and requirement. Each handout and ppt is different from one another because all teaachers have their own style of teaching.

Feel free to whatsapp me on +8801711541554 for anythng that you need to make your teaching easier and your students’ learning journey fun, I will be happy to hear your requirement and prepare resources for you with my team so that you can rest easy and take your classes without being burdened with preparing resources. Your taking classes and your checking all the work, giving feedback, explaining lessons and much, much more is a lot of work on you already. Let us prepare your ppts and handouts for you and give you some relief.

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