About Us

Tutorsinc is an online platform that provides you with a number of services that will prepare you for your exams.

In A Nutshell

What is TutorsInc. you ask? It’s an online platform that provides you with a number of services that will prepare you for your exams. The idea is to be able to bring classrooms to your fingertips. Complementing the classroom feature, we offer notes, videos and question papers for your practice!

Our goal? To give you a one stop solution for your exams. It’s not an impossible thing to do really, you just need to know where to look. All we do, is put together the resources that are scattered all over the place. Now everything you need is in one place, right here.

Our Story: A Roadside Inspiration

How the idea was

It was just another monotonous day on the streets of Dhaka city. In the swarm of uninspired people with trampled dreams and suppressed voices, there sat two boys, aged no more than 22, at a tong, sipping on their tea and talking about their dreams and hopes like every other university student.

So if they’re like everyone else, why are you wasting your time reading this? Well simple. Every other person has hopes and dreams. It’s what you do about it that counts. That’s where these boys stand out. They did something about it. They talked about the struggles they had to face with the English Medium Board and they decided that they wanted to prevent history from repeating itself. So they came up with an idea that would put an end to it. The solution was simple and mind numbingly lucrative; the first ever online platform that connects sincere students to dedicated teachers of Cambridge and Edexcel IGCSE curriculum, with its entire syllabus. It is a one stop solution to Edexcel and Cambridge Examinations.

How we met our

It’s not a crazy unique idea. It isn’t. Many people must have thought about it before. So why didn’t anyone do it yet? Because it wasn’t going to be easy. That’s when they were blessed with two mentors in the shape of a nurturing teacher with her own aspiring educational institute and a person who is an embodiment of Business and IT success.

That’s where this story takes its turn. That’s where these boys get a chance to achieve their dreams and hopes. Because these mentors were the ones to guide them on the path of success. So they all started their journey towards a common goal, the goal being how they can make things easier for these students that are capable of so much more than they do. It’s to give the students a chance to reach their full potential.

How we built the

So these four set out on a journey, but before they could do anything, they needed to put together the perfect team. So one by one, brick by brick, they start building TutorsInc.

At first they bring in the two pillars of design and video editing, Subah and Faraz. They are then followed by a little person with big dreams. Me. aka Syeda Erum Noor. TutorsInc.'s content writer and the first and only female member of the core team, keeping the boys on track! After that comes Shadman; another instrumental part of our designing department, evident from his work with our logo! He came in with all his experience and decided to spread the knowledge to the younger ones. And with that, the eight of us came together as a team, with a common goal. So here we are.

Meet Our Team

Syed Noor Alam


Maryam Noor Yunus

Managing Director

Syeda Erum Noor

Content Writer