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At the start, we ourselves were confused and unclear half of the time; we can only imagine what's your situation! But not to worry, we have a list of FAQs that should get you cleared. And if it doesn't, don't hesitate to message us; we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Get your confusions cleared!

Getting Started
Q1. What Is Tutorsinc.?


We are an online platform that aims to spread the reach of quality education through technology. Our platform connects the top teachers with dedicated students through online classrooms. We are digitizing education one curriculum at a time and our first stop is IGCSE for both Cambridge and Edexcel.

Q2. Is TutorsInc. a coaching center?


No, we are not a coaching center. TutorsInc. is simply a platform that connects Teachers with Students. In essence, we are facilitators of quality education.

Q3. Why do I need to sign up in order to download a question paper?


The sole reason we ask you to sign up is so that we can know you better. We are trying to build a system that will act as your one-stop solution to learning. When the commitment is this high, it's only fitting for us to know each other better!

Q4. How do I view a teacher's video?


For now, we have a Teacher's section which contain profiles of our teachers. By entering your desired teacher's profile, you will find a number of trial videos. However, once we launch our online classrooms, the videos will be found in each teacher's class.

Q5. How can I be up-to-date with the website?


At the right end of the last section of each of our web pages contain an option to subscribe. By subscribing, you will allow us to keep you updated with all our latest activities!

Subscription Queries
Q1. How do I pay?


You can pay from an array of options; ranging from cash payments, bKash, Credit & Debit Cards and more.

Q1. What benefits will I get from doing TutorsInc.?


By being a part of TutorsInc., you are exposed to a number of unique services. Firstly, our online classrooms will allow you to study at your own convenience. Have the support of your favorite tutors anywhere, anytime. Along with these, you can also avail resources as distinctive as question papers categorized both yearly and chapter-wise! To top it off, read from your topics and know about worldly matters that are bound to help you!

Technical Difficulties
Q1. What should I do if a video is not loading?


There is a chance of this to happen. In that case, first pause and let the entire video load. If it is still not working, please do check if your JavaScript, Flash and Cookies are all enabled.

Q2. If I forget my password, what should I do next?


Click "Forgot my password" which will lead you to a page that will allow you to make a new password, given that you verify it from your back up email address.

Q3. Where should I contact in case there is some problem with the question papers?


Regarding any such problem, please contact us at

Contact Us
Q1. Have More Queries About Us!


Send us a mail at or message us on our Facebook page to get all your queries answered!