1 to 1 Session

We were where you are, not too long ago. We know problems vary from individual to individual and how important it is to cater to each separately. Not only does it boost conception, but also allows the students to clear follow up questions. To find an answer to your problems - register below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


  • To avail an exclusive 1-to-1 Session with our expert teacher to help solve your problem with our expert teachers, please fill in the following form by clearly stating your query/problem and we will get back to you without delay, as per your preferred medium of communication!

  • Following are the list of subjects that we are offering for each curriculum:

    • IGCSE: English, Additional Mathematics/Pure Mathematics, General Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics & Business Studies.

    • AS & A2: Mathematics, Physics & Business Studies.

    • SSC: English 2nd Paper & General Mathematics

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