Accounting – Grade 8

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Sabir Ahmed


Edexcel, Cambridge

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How often do we scour the internet for IGCSE Content but end up with bits and pieces of different chapters across different websites?

Well, we are here to solve that! Our IGCSE Accounting Course for Grade 8 acts as a one-stop solution for students starting IGCSE Accounting, where our Experienced Teachers will cover the entire Syllabus in a Structured Manner as per the Board Specifications through Easy-to-Understand Videos, Comprehensive Notes, Interactive Quizzes, 24/7 Discussion Forum and State-of-the-Art Live Sessions.

In this course, you’ll learn:

- All the Chapters of IGCSE Accounting for Grade 8

- Fundamental Concepts & Application through relatable Examples

- Best Practices to Solving Questions

- Independent Learning

Start your journey with IGCSE Accounting with Conceptual, Contextual Content - Anywhere, Anytime.

About Teacher

Sabir Ahmed

BBA From North South University

Experience: 6 years

Course Taken: Accounting

Just a young individual passionate enough to spread knowledge across boundaries. I started teaching with a small group of 3 students in a tiny room and over the years, I've been continuously striving to share my knowledge with the ones who need it. I uploaded a lecture on a certain topic of Accounting on my YouTube channel a few years back, only to help my students who needed assistance with the topic a night before their exam, which was eventually viewed and praised by thousands of people around the world. This motivated me to join Tutotsinc with a purpose to break all barriers and share my knowledge of Accounting with people around the world

Classification of Business
Videos: 5
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Classification of Business
Videos: 5
Notes: 01
Duration: 01:00 Hr
Classification of Business
Videos: 5
Notes: 01
Duration: 01:00 Hr
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